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NAME: Pong
IMAGE VIEWS: 566 Pong SmartBoy16 97 users rated: 0.00/10 (106 KB)
#ID 65 Submited July 27, 2007 11:07 am
Yep, it's the oldest video game around, and it's still alive and kicking. I don't need to tell you all what this games about. Use the arrow keys to control your paddle. You play against the computer. I'm not sure how to rate this game. It's reasonably well done, but it is, after all, a very simple game.

NAME: Platformania
IMAGE VIEWS: 1745 Platformania James Gardner 122 users rated: 0.00/10 Platformania.7z (8.5 MB)
#ID 64 Submited October 20, 2006 7:22 pm; Updated October 20, 2006 7:24 pm
Run, drive, 4-wheel and fly through a variety of different levels to avert an alien menace. Includes detailed documentation file in DOC format.

Highs: This game does pretty well in gameplay. I found it quite challenging at times, but I did make it all the way through the game without cheating. There are lots of different kinds of enemies and a variety of different kinds of levels to keep the game fresh as you progress. Some of the sound effects worked out relatively well. Save feature lets you come back later if you get too frustrated. With 7 whole levels to go through, it may eek its way to qualifying as a "full game" instead of a demo.

Lows: The graphics are extremely flat on the first level, and continue to leave much to be desired throughout the game, although they do get better at times; The music got on my nerves with the loud pounding and lack of melody -- maybe it's just not my style; The game was quite linear. There's always just one correct place to go to next.

Summary: If you can look past the shortcomings in the graphics and music, the gameplay kind of makes this game worthwhile if you're into old style action games. Don't expect too much of a story -- it is an action game.

NAME: Gems
IMAGE VIEWS: 1606 Gems Chris Oliver 165 users rated: 0.00/10 Gems.7z (13 MB)
#ID 63 Submited October 13, 2006 5:21 am; Updated October 15, 2006 6:33 am
In this 4-level demo, the high-level goals appear to be finding all the gems on each level in order to get out of each level, and along the way accumulate enough money to unlock the next area.

Highs: This game is based on the Super Happy Funland graphics set, so it looks quite nice, and the graphics were used well, giving some depth to the maps' appearance. There are lots of different items to pick up, so the player gets a sense of accomplishment at least from that. There are some interesting puzzles I found enjoyable to work through. Lots of moving enemies keep the levels interesting. I like the use of a world map to maintain context on the whole game. There's some nice music and sound effects at least on some of the levels (I found at least one level did not have background music). There are a couple types of power-ups the player can activate for limited regions of the map.

Lows: Although the graphics were used nicely for the most part, there are a few occasions where it's hard to tell the difference between solid walls and backgrounds, when I don't think the intention was to confuse the player. Some relatively small mistakes (doing something in the wrong order, for example) seem to require suicide to recover from. The power-ups were rare and limited to a specific area. Some part of the game were quite linear, where picking up gems was just a matter of course and you couldn't avoid it (seems to me that the challenge of a level should require the player to go out of his way to get them).

Summary: It took me about 40 minutes to get through this game the second time through, so it has a reasonable amount of playability for a demo. It leave one wanting more. It would be nice to have more puzzles in the demo. Only one notable one comes to mind. But there are other aspects besides the puzzles that make this demo enjoyable and worthwhile.

4-level Demo
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